Who is Elizabeth Perran?

Singer-Songwriter Elizabeth Perran is reviving a lifelong passion she abandoned many years ago.

Classically trained on the piano since the age of nine, Elizabeth was drawn to the music of the 1970s singer-songwriter era and started playing guitar and writing songs when she was in her early teens.  She spent most of her free time developing her songwriting and performing skills and, by the time she was out of high school, had written over 50 songs.  Elizabeth dreamed of becoming a professional recording artist, but knew it was not a realistic career path.  Reluctantly, she changed direction.

Although she continued to write and perform music occasionally, Elizabeth eventually sold her piano and put her guitar in the closet.  For many years, she forgot that she had ever played an instrument or written a song.

A random event in 2014 changed Elizabeth’s musical direction – and life.  One day she happened to listen to the album “Welcome to the Canteen” by Traffic.  For the first time, she heard the simple, mesmerizing tune “Sad and Deep as You”, written and performed by Dave Mason.  In an instant, she ran to the closet, pulled out her guitar and started playing.  She has not looked back since. 

At around the same time, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS) became available and opened up the possibility of recording music independently.  Elizabeth wasted no time in learning to use a DAW.   Professional recording followed.

Elizabeth is now finally doing what she felt called to do all those years ago – presenting her music as she hears it.  A group of dedicated professionals and supporters has helped Elizabeth realize her dream.

Having lived through some of the most compelling eras in popular music, Elizabeth’s influences are wide.  Her music reflects the styles of singer-songwriters like Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading and Cat Stevens, as well as progressive artists like Peter Gabriel, Camel, Genesis and Traffic.  Elizabeth also was drawn to folk artists such as Nick Drake , Pentangle and Nic Jones, as well as to jazz artists such as John Abercrombie and McCoy Tyner.

Elizabeth continues to write, record and perform music.  There is nothing to stop her now.